Training Philosophy

What we do


At The Puppy Nanny, we focus on helping you teach your dog what to  do rather than waiting for the dog to make a mistake and correct it after the fact. 

We want you to develop a trusting relationship between you, 

your dog, and your family. 

We will help you solve problems by giving you solid training and 

management solutions.

How we do it


We use "Marker Training" to teach behaviors. Marker Training relies 

on a specific word (Yes!) or sound 

(a Clicker) to let your dog know that

 he has done the correct thing. That marker is followed by a reward. 

Food is the most often used rewards

 in classes as throwing a ball may not

 be practical indoors! But, we will

 discuss how you can use balls, tug,

 or other games to  reward your dog

 for good behavior. 

Why we do it


We choose to use primarily, positive, non-punitive training methods because in our (combined) 35+ years of training experience, we have seen how 

these methods can build a strong,

 stable training relationship 

between dog and handler. 

The questions that you

 have to ask yourself are how do 

I want to communicate with my dog?

 And, do I want my dog to work

 because he wants to, or because he will get  punished or shocked if he doesn't?