Intro to nose work class

Starts Wed. March 14 - 6:30 PM

Six weeks - $160

Register with Sue. You can bring a check to the first class or pay below.

About the class

Your dog loves to use his nose. The sport of Nose Work lets you explore the world of scent with your best friend. 

You will learn how to interpret your dog’s signals, and your dog will learn how to search for and show you that he has found a target odor. 

For this class, we will be focusing on teaching your dog to recognize the odor of Birch Oil. Birch is the first target odor that dogs learn and is the first odor used in Nose Work competition. 

We will begin to teach you how to recognize your dog’s alert behavior, which is his signal to you that he has found the odor. We will introduce you and your dog to searching boxes and rooms. 

You will begin to learn about how odor moves what we know about your dog’s amazing nose. 

We will teach you how to watch your dog and other class dogs so you know when they are close to or “in odor.” And you will begin to learn leash handling techniques. 

After this class, you may join one of our other nose work classes to continue your training.

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Intro To Nose Work Class


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Odor Kits, Odor and hides! Oh My! This Workshop is filled.

Saturday, March 17 2018

10am – 2pm -  $50 - Limit 12 participants 


This workshop is for Nose Work students who want to maximize their practice sessions. 

With a busy Nose Work season in full swing, you want to make sure that you are making the 

best use of your training time. Maintaining a good odor kit and thoughtful hide placement 

will help you take your training at home to the next level. 

  • The first part of the workshop will cover how to put together and maintain an Odor Kit. We will cover best practices for handling oils, making Q tips, storing odor, and maintaining tins and containers. 
  • Part two will cover the properties of odor. How to think about what odor might do depending on the room, ground, weather etc. Knowing what conditions and air flow will do to odor will not only help you decide how to search, but will help you decide how to place hides for practice. 
  • Part three will focus on hide placement. We will discuss hide placement for different interior, exterior and vehicle searches. We will divide into teams and each team will place a hide (or two or three) for an Interior, Exterior and Vehicle search. Then we will all discuss why the team chose to place hides where they did and the pros and cons of each placement. 
  • Part four will discuss hide placement for maximum training impact.  

This is a workshop for humans only. 

When we are done, all are invited to go to a late lunch together to talk Nose Work.    

To register, please email Sue;