Intro to nose work, private lessons


Your dog loves to use his nose. The  sport of Nose Work lets you explore the world of scent with your best friend. You will learn how to interpret your dog’s signals, and your dog will learn how to show you that he has found a target odor.

For this class, we will be focusing on teaching your dog to recognize the odor of Birch Oil. Birch is the first target odor that dogs learn and is the first odor used in Nose Work competition. We will begin to teach your dog an “alert” behavior which is his signal to you that he has found the odor. We will also introduce you and your dog to short searches. 

You will begin to learn about how odor moves what we know about your dog’s amazing nose. You will learn how to watch your dog so you know when they are close to or “in odor.” 

Suitable for dogs and puppies of any age.

4 Classes $160


Classes will last 30  minutes

After the Intro class, you can purchase 3 classes for $105.

To register or for questions,

email Sue Conklin,


competition coaching


Private Coaching for Competition Scent Work Teams

Sue is available for private lesson for teams competing in Scent Work. She can help you with handling skills, building a final response behavior, reading your dog, or other issues that you would like to work on.

Single Lesson $75 

3 lessons $180

Each private lesson is about 1  hr long


About Sue and Loretta

Sue and Loretta have been competing in Scent Work sports for 4 years. Loretta has titles in NACSW, AKC, and PSD venues with placements in all elements/classes. They recently earned their NACSW NW3 Elite title with top 3 placements in all 4 elements, a Pronounced title, and first place overall.



Sue's students are competing at all levels in various venues, from AKC Advanced and Excellent, PSD Novice and Advanced, and NACSW Elite competitors.

NW3 Interior Searches

First place searches for our NW3 Elite title.