Performance Scent Dogs Match

Saturday, April 21

Save the date! Come join us 

for some sniffin' fun!

The Simpsonville Spring Sniff

TOT Fun Test, Novice Buildings, Exteriors, Speed, and Distance. 

Advanced Containers.

At Liquid Systems

998 N. Maple St.

Simpsonville, SC 29681

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Performance Scent Dogs Match in Simpsonville, SC

Saturday , April 21, 2018

Premium List: The Simpsonville Spring Sniff


Hosted by

The Puppy Nanny

Trial Location: Liquid Systems

998 N. Maple St.

Simpsonville, SC 29681

Doors open: 8am; Judges briefing: 8:30am; First dog on the line: 9am

Trial will take place indoors and outdoors.

Match Classes Offered:

Novice Buildings, Exteriors, Speed, and Distance

Advanced Containers

TOT Fun Test, All 3 odors

Class Entry Fees: $15 each - TOT $10 each

Trial Judge: Sandy Farrey 

Entry open date: March 19, 2018

Entry close date: April 13, 2018 or when classes fill

Entries are limited and accepted on a first received basis until classes fill. 

Day of Show entries accepted if runs are still available 

Performance Scent Dogs is a national scent work non-profit organization 

dedicated to growing the sport of scent detection. 

 Permission has been granted by Performance Scent Dogs, Inc. for the holding of this Scent Work Event under PSD Rules and Regulations.

The PSD Rulebook can be found at

Please review it before entering and trialing. 

Fun Facts about PSD

*Pick and choose what classes are right for your dog*

*Videotaping allowed*Earn legs toward titles*Competitor feedback encouraged *Watch and root for other competitors*Turn any search at any time into training by asking the judge the location of the hide*Enter more than one dog*

*Spend time with your dog in a welcoming atmosphere*

»Spread the word about what an amazing activity scent work is for all kinds of dogs«

Come and have FUN with your dog!

Who can compete in a trial? Any and all dogs that are 10 months or older, on the day of the trial or the Target Odor Test (TOT), are eligible to compete. All Dogs must have their current Rabies Vaccination and other vaccinations recommended by your veterinarian.

Do I Need to Register with PSD? PSD registers dogs not people. A $30 registration fee is good for the lifetime of the dog and can be done instantly on-line. A competitor is not required to register for PSD in order to compete in a match.

What if I don’t pass the TOT? You can still play!! Dogs must pass a Target Odor Test (TOT) in order to compete in the Standard Division, however if you do not pass you are still allowed to enter the trial as FEO (For Exhibition Only) for the day.

My dog has a Nose Work title from a different organization, do I have to pass a TOT? If you already have passed an odor test in another scent work organization, you do not have to take the TOT. Dogs with a NW3, SDDA Excellent or UKC Level 5 title may skip the Novice level and start PSD at the Advanced level. Please send a copy of your test results to in order to register. 

Can I watch other competitors? Yes you can watch, either after you run or you can watch a different level compete. 

Can my friend videotape my searches? Yes! And you may post them anywhere you like. 

Awards: Placement ribbons will be awarded for 1st-3rd place 

Fees:  Classes: $15 each  TOT: $10

To register your dogs: Please visit mail your $30.00 registration fee (per dog) payable to Performance Scent Dogs. Please include your information (Name, Address, Email, Phone) as well as your dog’s information (Name, Breed, date of dog birth). Performance Scent Dogs, Inc. PO Box 401026 Cambridge, MA 02140

A competitor is not required to register for PSD in order to compete in a match.

To enter this Match; Complete this registration form and mail it to the Trial Secretary along with your payment made payable to The Puppy Nanny. Entries are on a first-received basis and must be received by April 13, 2018.

Trial Secretary

Sue Conklin

111 Bell Dr.

Simpsonville, SC 29681

Please make checks payable to The Puppy Nanny. 

***Do not make checks payable to PSD***

Collars: Any collar is allowed on the grounds except electronic and scent spraying collars. Only a flat, or martingale collar or leashes attached to a dead ring or harness are permitted to be used during a search. No tags on collars while searching. All dogs must be leashed at all times, except during an off-leash search. 

Crating: Dogs will be crated in your car. No indoor crating is available. 

Parking: There is ample parking, some shaded, but plan on keeping your car cooled if necessary.

Spectators: Spectators are invited to come and watch a PSD trial or a match Some Interior areas may be too small for spectators. 

Volunteers will help our Trial/Match run smoothly.  We need Timers, Gate Stewards, Score Runners, and Others.  No Experience Required!  No need to give up a day-volunteers get to run first in their class. Thanks in advance for your help. Volunteer info to follow.

Donations: This Match is supporting a local rescue. Please support Lucky Pup Rescue by bringing in any of the following donations: The rescue is currently in most need of Collars, Harnesses, Leashes, Puppy pads, Canned or Dry Dog/Puppy Food, Kongs, Disinfectant Cleanser, Hand Soap, Paper Towels and Monetary Donations. 

Food: POT LUCK! Please plan on bringing something to share. We will need a wide variety of foods, so be creative! Please contact Hospitality chair Renee Renaut and let her know what you would like to bring.

Facility, Bathrooms and Water: Climate controlled, water and toilets available on site. 

Accessibility: No more than 1 step in or out of any search area.

Dogs In Need of Space The site has plenty of parking, but cars may be close together. There are places to walk dogs at a distance of 10 feet or more. There is a single entrance and exit for interior searches that could be congested.  Volunteers will be onsite to help escort participants to and from the search area. Red bandanas are encouraged - please give all dogs space. 

Handler running multiple dogs: At this match, a handler may only run one dog in each class. However, a second or third dog can run FEO. 

Please download registration and liability forms below.

Fill out, print, and mail to trial secretary with payment.