Behavior consults

Behavior Modification

Behavior modification is often an ongoing process that may take weeks or even months. The goals of behavior modification are different for each dog and each family, so the process varies from dog to dog.

All methods will be force free, positive methods, as punishment based, or correction based methods often result in increased aggression. I will take time to explain not only what we will do, but why. I feel it is important to know how and why certain methods are used so you will feel comfortable using them.

When working with behavior modification, you can always make a difference in the dog’s behavior. How far you can take the dog depends on several factors which may include the dog’s age, past history, health and especially the commitment and follow through of the family.

What can you expect?

You will receive a first visit at your home of 1 ½ hrs 

to discuss your dog’s problems. At this time, I will outline a treatment/training plan for you and your dog and I will get you started on a few exercises. You will receive printed and/or emailed handouts. 

If you were referred by your veterinarian, I will send a written recap to him/her and I will be happy to confer with him/her as well. The cost for the initial evaluation is $200. $50 will be credited to any training program that you purchase within 

30 days of the consult.

Follow up visits will take place either at your home, The Puppy Nanny’s Place, or  at a park or other public place. You will receive a written plan including training handouts. You may also be asked to video certain training sessions and send them to me for evaluation between lessons.

You will have unlimited e-mail consultation in between each lesson and for three to six months after.

Do I need a Behavior Consult?

A Behavior Consult is designed for dogs with problems like aggression, leash reactivity (barking and lunging at other dogs or people), extreme fear, or separation anxiety.

For common problems (called behavior problems by some trainers) like jumping, stealing food or not coming when called, please see our group or private training. 

Behavior Programs

contact sue for behavior consults